Beneficial guide for dental burs

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Beneficial guide for dental burs

If you're a dental student, you know how dental burs are necessary for the dental field. Based on the uses and types of dental burs, there is always a need for dental burs in dental clinics.

For example, diamond burs are a type of dental bur used in polishing and cutting porcelain, and steel burs are used in adjusting acrylic pieces.

Moreover, carbide burs help in cavities preparation for fillings, bone shaping, and old filling removal.



carbide burs

However, there are various shapes of dental burs, like football burs, round burs, and pear burs. Also, ceramic burs help remove dentin and prepare cavities.

As a dental student and future dentist, you'll need to ensure that your dental burs are efficient and getting the job done.

You'll notice that dental professionals have different arrays of burs and shapes to treat a wide range of teeth and surfaces.

Then, we'll assist you in reviewing your dental burs list to determine whether it meets your needs now and in the future. Or if you need to replace them.

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How do I know that dental burs aren't making perfect cuts?

Signs that indicate your dental burs doesn't have a bottom line of efficiency:

When you devote a significant amount of time to your dental hygiene routine, and if you've found poor sharpness even after simple uses.

Moreover, spending a long time in simple practice means that one appointment can take a long time, supposing you meet a few patients.

When patients tell you they are in a lot of pain.

Once the dental burs burnish the calculus surface, it becomes more susceptible to microbes.

Also, when you have difficulty removing calculus deposits for your patients.


The best dental burs


As a result, recognizing one of these symptoms increases the need for replacing these poor burs with highly manufactured dental burs. Based on the required dental bur types to be considered in your selection.


What are the basic factors in choosing a suitable dental bur?

How do you choose the dental burs that fit the best?

You may wonder which kind of dental burs fit: the multi-use dental burs, which require sterilization regularly, or the single-use dental burs suitable for dental practices and align with dental students' goals.

Of course, the diamond dental burs choice on Medoloji is perfect economically, as it is strong enough to survive for several uses and a single use too.

What is the difference between single-use and multi-use dental diamond burs?


To know which dental diamond bur fits your practice, you need to understand the pros and cons of both types of dental diamond burs:

Simultaneously, single-use diamond burs provide many advantages, like saving time, high precision, and infection prevention.

For single-use diamond burs, you won't need to sterilize them because these diamond burs are single-use and should be disposed of after one use.

Because single-use dental burs are disposed of after use, there is no need for heat tolerance features on these single-use items.

Your patients will be safe, as the disposable diamond burs guarantee the elimination of contamination between patients and prevent infections.

Moreover, the single-use diamond burs help you achieve your goals precisely thanks to their sharpness effect, as you use a new one every time.



The best dental burs


What are the pros and cons of multiple-use dental diamond burs?

Are there advantages to reusable dental diamond burs? Yes, there are. These multiple-use diamond burs provide a high-quality and economical investment for dental students and professionals.

Whereas multiple-use dental diamond burs can provide efficient work if properly sterilized.

So for the best multi-use dental diamond burs that give you acceptable efficiency, you need high quality and proper sterilization.

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Advice for Choosing Your Dental Bur Set for Your Practice:


You may find an attractive array of various dental bur sets, so for selecting the right one, there are some necessary points to consider.

First, you need to determine which practice you'll focus on the most, whether orthodontics or endodontics. You need to set up your dental bur tools for your dental practice.

Second, focus on the shape you need, where each bur shape is used for specific procedures. The cut of burs can refer to the precision level based on the vibration of the handpiece of each bur.

Third, you need to focus on the material type. Some dental burs are perfect for finishing, while others are smooth and effective for polishing.

Whether you choose diamond or carbide burs, you need to determine which supports you the most. For that, check out our article on types of dental burs and their uses to learn more about each kind of bur.

Therefore, don't hesitate. Visit Medloji and pick the best dental burs that fit your practice.

On Medoloji for dental instruments and materials in Turkey, we guarantee you the highest quality, the fastest shipping, and the best durability, performance, efficiency, and customer support.

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