Types of dental burs and their uses

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Types of dental burs and their uses

If you are in the dentistry field or considering being a dental student, you will hear about the types of dental burs and their uses.

So, we can consider the dental burs as one of the most necessary instruments for dentists' daily work according to the bur's advantages and capacity.

Meanwhile, there are various types of dental burs on the market, so you should make the right choice when buying the dental bur instrument, whether for an orthodontic or dental practice.

Cutting hard tissues like tooth bone or enamel couldn't happen without rotary instruments, which are designed in different shapes, sizes, and grits and come with two or even more blades of sharp-edge and multiple cutting edges.

Furthermore, science and technology have developed dental burs with various options for advanced dental procedures and cutting options for the preparation of teeth restoration.


What are dental burs composites made of?


Each dental bur is composed of three parts:


  1. The head is where the blade is present and rotates to cut tissues.
  2. The neck is connected to the head and carries the cutting blade.
  3. The longest part of the bur is the shanks, with various ends to attach to different handpieces.

Moreover, the robust, reliable, and high-quality dental burs nowadays are made of stainless steel, steel, tungsten carbide, and diamond grit.


How to choose the perfect dental bur for your work?

We can consider our attention to the blade impression depending on blade angles and positioning, the grit abrasiveness, and the shape of the head.

All these properties give you the required activity and purpose.


What are the types of dental burs and their uses?

Professionals and dental students can use different dental burs depending on the needed procedure efficiency.


Here are the different types of dental burs and their uses:


A diamond burs

diamond dental burs

There are many advantages to using diamond burs, like:

The diamond burs provide fast activity and cut smoothly. You'll need it in the techniques of extreme precision.

When you plan to buy a dental diamond bur, remember that natural diamonds have higher durability and longer-lasting qualities than their counterparts.

If you need a suitable bur for precise work instead of removing large pieces of material, the dental diamond burs will be the best choice for you.

When creating a higher polish, use a diamond bur with a finer grit.

The diamond dental burs are used when cutting through the porcelain, simultaneously polishing.


Carbide burs 

Carbide dental burs

The carbide burs provide smoother surfaces than the diamond burs.

Furthermore, carbide burs can withstand high temperatures better than any dental burs because they maintain their edges longer than other burs.

Also, carbide burs are characterized by less vibration than other types of dental burs.

Meanwhile, carbide dental burs can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as acrylics, silver, and gold, without breaking or chipping.

In the cases of cavity preparation, old filling removal, or shaping bone, opt for carbide dental burs.

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Steel burs

steel dental bursThe steel burs are characterized by their high speed and provide abrasion resistant and high edge resistance, especially when combined with wear-resistant carbides.

Simultaneously, the steel burs provide an economical solution, as they help work on dentine removal and cavity preparation.

Moreover, the steel burs are very flexible and soft. They also offer higher chipping and breaking resistance than carbide burs.


The Z-rex diamond burs

The Z-rex diamond burs

If you want a combination of efficiency and durability, then the Z-rex diamond burs are the best choice.

The Z-rex diamond burs are the perfect choice for crowns and bridges thanks to their high performance and strength features.

Furthermore, the Z-rex diamond burs are one of the specialized cutting tools used for removing ceramic restorations and adjusting trepan, thanks to their revolutionary ERA bonding.

Z-rex diamond burs can save you time because they guarantee short procedure time, which is a benefit for your dental lab.


Ceramic burs

ceramic dental bursIt is considered one of the perfect dental burs as it doesn't conduct heat like other dental burs, so the ceramic bur keeps the integrity of the adjusted acrylic pieces.

Moreover, it is a good choice for adjusting thermoplastic and reduces the risks of burns when changing dental burs due to their cooling cutting ability.

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Dental burs are the most necessary tools for your dental practice. You have to work with them to be a successful dentist.

Each dental bur has its strength and specifications, so you have to realize the differences and choose the appropriate bur for you.

For example, diamond burs grind down the tooth, leaving a rough surface for polishing later, while carbide dental burs are ideal for slicing very small pieces of the tooth as the carbide bur has small blads.

Moreover, the carbide burs are perfect for metals. On the other hand, diamond burs can get overheated and end up dull.

So if you are a dental student looking for a specific piece of equipment, material, or instrument, don't hesitate to visit Medoloji, the best online shopping experience for the dental field.


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