Dental scalers and curettes, their types and uses

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Dental scalers and curettes, their types and uses

If you're a dental student or a professional dentist, you definitely know the dental scalers and curettes, their types, uses, and designs that are so essential in the dentistry world.

Hence, to get high-quality practice and treatment, you'll need scalers and curettes of excellent quality to avoid the discomfort of your patients or even an unprofessional finish.

What are the uses of scalers and curettes?

One such essential dental instrument is one of the items required for dental students. Scalers and curettes are used to remove calculus and plaque of sub-gingival and supra-gingival origin from the roots and surfaces of the teeth.

Meanwhile, for periodontal health and comfort, avoid the poor design of scalers and curettes that may be abundant in the market, as these kinds of scalers and curettes consume a long time. And perform inefficient development.

Moreover, such a poor design causes fatigue for patients and also the hands of dental students or operators.

When you pay attention to the type, size, and quality of the scaling instrument, you will be able to determine an efficient treatment for both professionals and patients.

We recommend Medoloji, one of the most trusted dental online stores in Turkey, as all dental students can find the essential instruments and tools for practical classes.

What are the functions of dental scalers?


dental scalers for dental students The sickle scalers are used to eliminate the supra-gingival calculus, where the design of a scaler comes in the form of two cutting edges on a flat surface. So, it is so difficult to break off during use.

Moreover, you can't use scalers beneath the gum line as it exposes the gingiva to harm.

The straight shape is the anterior scaler for scaling of anterior teeth, while the terminal angled shank is the posterior shape, allowing access to posterior teeth.

You can find three types of scalers: sonic, ultrasonic, and rotary.

Simultaneously, scalers are best used when their terminal ends, the final part of the operational shank, approaches the functioning end, slightly toward the tooth top layer.

What are the functions of curettes?

dental scalers and curettes for dental students


Curettes are dental tool that eliminates deep sub-gingival calculus.

Furthermore, the curette's functions include eliminating the soft tissues that line the gum pocket and eliminating altered cementum. The curette also takes place in root planning.

Each curette has a cutting edge on both sides of the blade with a rounded toe. You can realize that curettes are finer than scalers without any other sharp points on their blades.

On the other hand, curettes can go beneath the gingiva and pull out calculus, as curettes are the perfect dental tools for root planning and sub-gingival scaling.

Furthermore, we can consider the curette an ideal dental tool because it can be used for both sub-gingival and supra-gingival calculus removal, whereas mechanical scalers are only available for supra-gingival calculus removal.

What are the factors to keep in mind when you purchase scaling tools?


Excellent material quality

We can consider stainless steel the best material quality for scalers in the healthcare market. Hence, the scaler will be robust and lightweight. Moreover, you shouldn't choose a dental instrument made from a material harder than the teeth' enamel.

Therefore, following these tips will help you choose good material quality, lightweight, and corrosion-free dental instruments.

While plastic curettes are safer for daily use.

The ergonomic handle design

The scalers should upon ergonomic handles designed to avoid arm fatigue for the dental student or the dentist.

If the operator uses a heavy and uncomfortable scaler, there is a risk to the operator as he may acquire carpal tunnel syndrome. And this case, if left untreated, can cause suffering and problems while performing daily activities.

Maintenance of dental instruments

You should know that all dental surgical instruments require maintenance to ensure they work before you use them.

Meanwhile, it is a must to check your dental instruments to ensure they are sharp, efficient, and ready for use.

Also, avoid applying too much pressure to dental tools, as this can cause them to dull or malfunction.

For that, don't waste your time and visit Medoloji to get the ideal instruments and tools and guarantee high-quality materials.

Why choose our stainless-steel dental scalers?

Furthermore, due to its good formability, stainless steel is lightweight, has high tensile strength, and is easy to shape and fabricate.

Moreover, stainless steel is environment-friendly and reusable, which means this is the best material for manufacturing dental surgical instruments. Besides that, it is low-maintenance and has a professional appearance.

On the other hand, plastic curettes are safer to use daily for oral health.

So don't hesitate and visit the highly trusted Medoloji for your dental tools.

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In the end, you may think that the dental world is complicated, but following some tips while making purchases helps simplify dental operations.

Moreover, dental instruments and tools shouldn't be heavy as these tools are handled for a long time by dental students or dentists and can cause fatigue. For that, avoid the heavy instruments that need muscle activity and pinch force.

Choose the scalers and curettes that fit your hands. And are comfortable, versatile, and durable. You'll find all these options on Medoloji, so don't waste your time.

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