Dental instruments for third-year dental students

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Dental instruments for third-year dental students

The dental instruments improve the self-confidence of dental students during oral surgery and different clinical cases, as confidence can't develop without hard practice.

For that, we'll talk about the necessary dental instruments for third-year dental students and the functions of each in dentistry.

Where practical dentistry studies aim to upgrade the confidence of undergraduates, leading to successful dentists in the dental profession.

Moreover, based on a survey of healthcare professionals, dental students have difficulty differentiating between odontogenic and non-odontogenic pain and can't show a professional influence toward malignant lesions.

So, in addition to the intellectual challenges in the faculty of dentistry, third-year students need to know more about the needed dental instruments, as all dental students require practical lectures under the supervision of instructors.

What are the most necessary dental instruments for third-year dental students?

Each dental student must take care while purchasing the required dental instruments in strong material to show the best influence during dental practices.

Here are the necessary dental instruments that dental students must have:

Dental composite

dental composite


The dental composite is a mixture of resins, like a combination of glass and plastic.

Furthermore, dental composites are the most important dental instruments as they are widely used in cavity filling or restorations. Filling and restorations are common procedures in most dental clinics.

Also, the composite helps restore the broken or damaged tooth's function. The dental composite also helps improve the tooth's strength to withstand masticatory forces and maintain the filling in the oral cavity for a long time.

Whereas dental composites are used to fill cavities, their applications also include improving the appearance of discolored and misshaped teeth.

Furthermore, dentists prefer dental composites. These composites provide well-bonded, perfect results.

The composites help support the health of natural teeth, protecting every tooth from breakage, chipping, and temperature changes, especially for sensitive teeth.

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Composite polishing disc set


A third-year dental student uses a composite polish disc set

The dental composite discs with abrasive layers are used for finishing and polishing composite restorations and filling the proximal area.

The multi-types of composite polish discs come in different colors. Each helps in the dental process: fine yellow composite discs for finishing, coarse blue discs for gross reduction, green for contouring, and superfine white for polishing.

Simultaneously, the purpose of polishing and finishing composite restorations is to create a smooth and uniform restoration.

Moreover, this decreases the recurrent caries incidence, increases the restoration longevity, and supports the health of the surrounding tissues.

In the end, people will need their restorations to be polished and less refinished. Perfect dental composites and composite discs can help apply this process easily.

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Yellow polish rubber glass

A third-year dental student uses a yellow polish rubber glass

High-quality dental rubber polishers are used as a final polish, which means they are a necessary addition to your dental tool kit.

Also, dentists use yellow rubber polishers on resins and enamels that are wear-resistant on the outer layer of the dental crown.

These rubber polishers produce a luster polish finish that is easy to handle for professional work.

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Dental tooth model

A third-year dental student uses a tooth model

The dental models are necessary for dental students to understand tooth and jaw structure.

Furthermore, dental models are used in whitening trays, night guards, partials, dentures, fixed bridges, and conventional crowns besides orthodontic appliances.

As you approach being a dental graduate, you'll need the dental model for the examination and analysis of patient's teeth without the presence of patients.

For that reason, dental models are necessary for dental students and postgraduates.

As a third-year dental student, also check out these dental instruments:

LED Light Device

Green Bur - Aerator

Yellow Chamfer Bur - Aerator

Green Inverted - Aerator

Ront Bur - Aerator

So if you need to know more about dental studies and health programs, pay attention to the practical applications to avoid risks or any dent in the future with patients at the clinic.

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