Instruments for second-year dental students

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Instruments for second-year dental students

There are various instruments and materials in dentistry, as dental students each year require specific tools and instruments. 

So, we'll demonstrate in this article some of the basic instruments and materials for second-year dental students.

In contrast, dental students spend their second year combining hours at lectures, and research, studying academic books, and drilling plastic teeth for pre-clinical laboratories.

Furthermore, the study of dentistry field is interested in giving dental students everything related to biomedical science and preparing dental students practically to be well-skilled for a clinic to deal with patients.

As correctly, the ability to assess a dentist's examination for patients depends on how well the dentist is skilled, and this can't happen without training for future dental students.

Simultaneously, dental students must be aware of the time spent on the adequacy of using dental instruments and tools at the right angles to contact the surface.

Finally, you can guarantee a secure future without occupational risks and based on health values when you show a perfect response to dental training classes.


What are the instruments and materials required for second-year scholarship dental students?


Let's talk about the main potential factor for dental students.


Here are some of the basic instruments and tools for second-year dental students:


Cement condenser

dental cement condenser tool 

It is considered one of the most necessary and commonly used instruments in the dentistry world.

Simultaneously, one of the primary items used for inserting the filling material into the cavity of the patient's mouth.

The cement condenser has the validity of placing the material inside the cavity of the respective tooth.

Moreover, the cement condenser is characterized by a double-ended design to ensure that instrument works properly.

The types of condensers are available in different sizes and suitable for the tasks of the ability to access the teeth quadrants easily by the dentist. 

Also, Cement condensers help dental students control the entire material in the mouth cavity in complete form.

Cement condensers ensure the security of material in the cavity without a lack of it.

Simultaneously, the cement condenser ends are bent to easily reach the back teeth without any perceived discomfort for people.

It is so easy for dental students to use such a speedy structure without any stress.

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Led Light Device 

dental Led Light instrument

The Led light device is an exploratory factor for dentists' recognition of the mouth cavity during examination and analysis.

As the Led Light Device is used in more than one variable status, it helps ensure the cleaning level of teeth.

Furthermore, using the led light device help review the teeth' security to ensure protection levels from decay and bacteria.

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 dental Bur-Anguldurva instrument

The component of Yellow Bur-Anguldurva is of multiple natural diamonds of high quality.

It is made of standard stainless steel in various wide-ranging dental bur shapes.

The different bur shapes include straight-bladed, pear, round, inverted cones, and cylinders.

Bur-Anguldurva aids in the development of many interventions, such as cavity preparation, splitting the roots of the small teeth, and creating multivariate access points. 

Moreover, different kinds of burs help create undercuts, splitting the roots of small teeth, removing the decay, and many other variables.


Unicem Zinc Phosphate Cement 

 Unicem Zinc Phosphate Cement 

We can say that Unicem Zinc Phosphate Cement is one of the subtype samples that is obtained by mixing powder containing zinc oxide, and modified agents with liquids that are represented by orthophosphoric acid in low activity.

Furthermore, the film thickness of the filling did not exceed 25 μm, and the presence of silver in bactericidal cement prevents the development of secondary caries and reduces the ability of primary caries emergency.

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What is the use of Unicem Zinc Phosphate Cement for second-year dental students?

There are many advantages correlations for Unicem Zinc Phosphate Cement, including:

  1. The Unicem zinc phosphate works as isolating pad when filling teeth.
  2. It works on fixing inlays, pin teeth, plastic, porcelain, metallic, and porcelain-fused prosthetic bridges and metal crowns.
  3. Meanwhile, dental Unicem cement is used in filling teeth to be crowned.
  4. Moreover, the discriminant Unicem bactericidal is applied in pediatric dentistry milk tooth filling achievement.


Han 7 Bond


Dental Han 7 Bond tool


The seventh bond generation is used in adhesive bonding for direct and indirect restorative materials to teeth.

The Han 7 Bond combines primer, acid, and resin in one bottle, where these materials are involved in the elimination of separate itching, mixing for light-cured products, and rinsing.

It also prevents secondary caries thanks to fluoride release.

The Han 7 Bond has factorial tolerance to dry and moist environments.

Moreover, it has a good shelf life and reduces the postoperative sensitivity of teeth.

The seventh bond generation also ensures the complete seating of restorations thanks to its thin film thickness.

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Finally, one of the main factors of a successful dental operator who will handle different areas of the mouth is the consistency of interest in significant training properties in his practical education.

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