Some essential instruments for your orthodontic set

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Some essential instruments for your orthodontic set

If you are a dental student, you need to know more about some essential instruments for your orthodontic set to explore one of the most important treatments in the dentistry field.

Many instruments are unique to orthodontic treatment. Before beginning orthodontic treatments for patients, dental students must be familiar with and use these orthodontic instruments.

For that, we'll provide you with orthodontic instruments study guide to help you understand some of the essential instruments for your orthodontic set.

What is orthodontics?

As a dental student and future dentist, you need to equip yourself with the perfect orthodontic instruments, as you'll work with irregular teeth and have to fix the patients' problems.

While many tools and products are used for straightening teeth and other purposes, you'll need to be aware of them.

To understand the uses and types of orthodontic instruments, you must first understand the term where Orthodontics describes how dentists treat irregular teeth and jaws.

Some cases require braces to treat these crooked teeth and jaws. There are plenty of orthodontic instruments that correct teeth problems, clean teeth with braces, and deal with inflamed tissues that may occur due to the constant wearing of braces.

What are the essential instruments for your orthodontic set?

As a future professional dentist, you need the right orthodontic instruments and supplies to satisfy patients' problems and achieve your goals.

Furthermore, you'll find many people who suffer from irregular and crooked teeth.

The orthodontic instruments will fix your patient's issues without causing trouble.

Whether your clients require braces, wax, cleaning solution, or many more orthodontic tools, you'll always be ready.

dental instruments for orthodontic set

Here are some orthodontic instruments:

Mirror: the dental mirror is one of the most common and essential orthodontic instruments where direct vision for specific locations in the patient's mouth is impossible without using the mirror.

Moreover, with the use of a dental mirror, the retraction of the tongue, cheek, and other tissues for visualization and instrument accessibility can be accomplished without causing irritation or pain for patients during retraction due to the smoothness of the dental mirror.

Straight probe: the dental probes plays an essential role in cleaning orthodontic brackets and removing the elastomeric ligatures.

Furthermore, the straight probe helps in the placement of orthodontic brackets and the removal of excess composite around brackets.

Cotton pliers:

The dental pliers are used for retrieving small objects inside the mouth and placing cotton rolls in place during isolation.

Band burnisher:

It is similar to the band pusher, except that the band burnisher is flattered and used to contour the orthodontic band to fit the patient's tooth.

Band pusher

This band pusher has a long handle and a rectangular, serrated tip with an angle for positioning and fitting the orthodontic band in the patient's mouth.

Plastic filling instrument

This dental tool is used to apply a composite to the orthodontic bracket before bonding it to the tooth.


Bracket tweezer

It is also called a "bracket holder," a reverse action instrument that has two angled tips to place and hold orthodontic brackets.

139 pliers or a bird beak

The pyramidal and conical beaks are used for bending orthodontic wires of bird beaks or 139 pliers.

Pin and ligature cutter

It is known as a wire cutter, and the set of pin and ligature cutters is used to slice wires up to 0.016 inches in diameter, especially for stainless steel ligatures.

Cheek retractor

While taking photographs of the patient's mouth during orthodontic procedures, this handheld instrument pulls back the lips and cheeks.

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