Tooth decay symptoms and treatments

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Tooth decay symptoms and treatments


As a dental student, you should know everything about tooth decay symptoms and treatments. All dentists meet many cases related to tooth decay types, so it is necessary to know how to fix tooth decay.


What is tooth decay?


Why does tooth decay occur?


We can refer to tooth decay medical term, as the damage that occurs to the tooth's surface or enamel. Tooth decay can occur when bacteria in the mouth make acids that attack the enamel.

Furthermore, tooth decay damages can include dental caries (cavities), which appear as holes in your teeth and irritate the patient throughout the day.

For that, tooth decay prevention is much needed through dental treatment to protect patients from tooth decay painful symptoms, infections, or even tooth loss.


What is tooth decay detection or diagnosis?


Tooth decay symptoms include:


Dental students and professionals can detect the effects of tooth decay by performing the following tests:


Tooth decay symptoms and treatments


  1. Ask your patients about toothache (tooth pain).
  2. Determine if your patients suffer sensitivity to sweets and hot or cold drinks.
  3. Finding white or brown satin on the tooth surface.
  4. Examination of mouth and teeth using dental tools.
  5. Using probes instruments for checking oral soft areas.
  6. Apply the tooth decay x-rays diagnosis, which shows the extent of cavities and decay.

The dentist should be able to determine the cavity types for patients, whether smooth surface, fissure, pit, or root.


What is the tooth decay treatment?

Dentists know well that an early checkup for tooth decay definition is the best way to avoid damage and long-term teeth problems.

Furthermore, patients have a better chance of tooth decay reversal stages. Early cavity treatment before it starts to cause pain won't lead to a severe tooth decay process.

Simultaneously, the treatment of cavities depends on the severity of the decay.


A dentist applies tooth decay treatments to tooth decay symptoms


The tooth decay remedies may include:

Fluoride treatment: it is a method for tooth decay removal, where with the cavity starting, the fluoride treatment can be used to restore the tooth enamel and cavity reversing in the early stages.

You'll notice that professional fluoride treatments contain more fluoride than that found in tap water, mouth rinses, and toothpaste.

Also, the fluoride treatments for tooth decay look like gel, foam, or varnish that can be placed in a small tray or brushed into your teeth to fit all over your teeth.

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Tooth decay Fillings: also called restorations, It is considered the main treatment when tooth decay's early stages are over due to the progression of this deacy.

The fillings can be the best solution to tooth decay signs. Moreover, there are various materials for fillings, like dental amalgam, porcelain, and tooth-colored composite resins.

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Dental filling instruments for tooth decay treatments

Mouth mirror 

Dental probe  

Dental syringe

Dental drill 






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Tooth crowns: In cases of severe tooth decay and weak teeth, the patient may require a crown that replaces the tooth's natural crown and looks like a custom-fitted covering.

The dentist drills the decayed area and the rest of the tooth, ensuring a good fit. Crowns can be made of gold, strong porcelain, or resin.

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Root canals: in case of reaching the decay of teeth to the tooth's inner material, then a tooth decay root canal is needed. 

This treatment works on saving and repairing the infected tooth instead of removing it; the diseased tooth pulp is removed, and the pulp is replaced with a filling.

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Tooth decay extraction: one of the tooth decay processes used when the tooth is severely decayed and cannot be restored.


For that, you'll find tooth decay common cases daily, so you need to focus on every process through your dental instruments in practice. 

Knowing the symptoms of tooth decay is critical for making an accurate diagnosis of patients.

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