Types of dental instruments for dental clinics

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Types of dental instruments for dental clinics

Dental instruments are necessary for every dental clinic, where they are responsible for replacing and repairing missing or damaged teeth. For that, we've collected types of dental instruments for dental clinics.

The prosthesis aims for normal teeth restoration and missing teeth replacement in the oral cavity. And for the dentist to do that, he may require a wide variety of dental tools.

Dentists know that dental prosthesis instruments are designed to help in artificial restorations while the preparation of tooth structures, creating a perfect environment for impression material, and altering prostheses in dental laboratories.

So without dental instruments, dentists will be unable to achieve their goal and produce weak prostheses, increasing the risk of failure.

We know that many dental instruments and tools can confuse new dentists, so we recommend Medoloji, one of the most trusted online stores for dentistry tools in Turkey.

What are the necessary types of dental instruments?

Here are the basic types of dental instruments:

Tudor-led device

It is considered one of the necessary instruments for dental operations.

The Tudor-led device illuminates inside the mouth. Moreover, it is used for protecting the tongue and opening the mouth. Also, the Tudor-led doesn't get overheated for that, so most dentists prefer it.


Tudor-led device


This LED device doesn't need an internal fan. Also, it is lightweight and easily portable. So, dentists prefer the Tudor-led device in every dental surgery and other operations.

Furthermore, the Tudor-led device helps to mold a filling material inside the patient's tooth, and by lighting and melting the material, the dentist can shape it perfectly.

It is incredible how the Tudor-led device is necessary for every dental clinic! Without it, dentists will suffer from dental operations and waste time fixing cavities for patients.

Therefore, you should visit Medoloji now to get the best Tudor-led device for dental instruments.

Suprax composite

Beginners dentists and professionals sure know about dental composite and its necessity in dental instruments and dental clinics.

Dental composites are widely used in most dental procedures like cosmetic reshaping, cavity filling, and restoration. The Suprax composite is known for strength and toughness.


Suprax composite


Moreover, the dental composite is known for its stability, safety, and handling without causing a sticky feeling. Also, it provides comfortable handling for dentists during work without causing sticking or slumping to the instruments.

It is perfect for anterior and posterior restorations. So if you want to collect some dental instruments, don't hesitate and visit Medoloji.


Dental burs

We never refer to a dental topic without mentioning dental burs, thanks to their great types and uses, whereas dental burs are like drill pieces used in conjunction with dentists' handpieces for cutting teeth and bones.

As we know, many types of dental burs with different uses, shapes, materials, and sizes to fit various situations and procedures.

Beginner dentists may get confused about which dental bur will suit their situation. For example, the burs needed for cavity preparation must be deep with wide flutes to allow aggressive enamel cutting.

On the other side, you will find the finishing and trimming burs with more blades that are closer and shallower together, making them perfect for finishing and polishing.


round burs


 What are the uses of round burs?

The dentists use the round burs for cavity preparation and the creation of channels for luxation blades for extraction. Moreover, the round burs can create undercuts and access points.


the best dental pear burs 

What are the uses of pear burs?

The pear burs are one of the most needed types of burs in dental clinics, where they are used in cavity preparation, splitting roots of small teeth, and creating access points.

You can find the best burs types for your dental clinics on Medoloji.


yellow dental goblet burs for dental clinics

The cross-cut burs with more cuts in the blades can create the most efficient cutting process in a short time.

Simultaneously, the cross-cut tapered fissure burs help for reducing the crown height and section multi-rooted teeth.

Furthermore, the finishing burs in your clinic have a main role in the dental process as they help finish restorations, soft tissue recontouring, and enameloplasting.

The finishing burs are also for composite and amalgam.

Why choose Medoloji?

For a dentist who cares about their patients and needs to invest in their dental instruments, you won't find a better option than Medoloji in Turkey.

Medoloji guarantees high-quality dental tools and equipment, the best customer support, and the quickest delivery to your clinic door.

So whether you need dental instruments for dental surgeries or any tool related to the dental field, don't hesitate to visit Medoloji to pick up your dental tools and instruments.

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