A beneficial guide to Endodontic practice

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A beneficial guide to Endodontic practice

As we know, the dentistry field is full of several cases where endodontics is the most common of them. For that, we'll introduce a beneficial guide to endodontic practice.

The highly trained dental students are supposed to be the future dental specialists, "endodontists," who remove the toothache that ruins patients' lives.

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a kind of severe toothache where the endodontists work on repairing the inside tooth tissues in a complex way. Moreover, the diagnosis and treatment of tooth pain, such as tooth infection or abscess,

Endodontics' main goal is to save natural teeth and relieve pain through complex methods such as root canal treatment.


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How can endodontists help their patients?

Simultaneously, endodontists will focus more on the complex problems that affect the tooth pulp primarily, using advanced techniques for root tissue and dental pulp treatment.

However, endodontists strive to save patients' natural teeth with as little tooth loss as possible.

We can say that all endodontists are dentists, but only around 3% of dentists have done the extra training to become endodontists.


A beneficial guide to Endodontic practice

What can endodontists treat?

Endodontists are responsible for treating the teeth' interior tissues (tooth pulp) that have damage due to tooth decay, like the untreated cavity of plaque, which causes damage to tooth root tissues.

Furthermore, endodontics removes bacteria that enter the gums and teeth due to the pus buildup from a tooth abscess.

Also, endodontists can treat tooth injuries from hard falls or trauma, such as a cracked tooth, when it extends to the tooth's pulp tissues.


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What is a root canal?

During the treatment of the root canal, we remove the injured pulp tissue and disease inside the tooth, relieving tooth pain by removing inflamed tissue and preventing the bacteria formation that can occur further.

A root canal is a complex procedure that aids in the relief of tooth decay pain.

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How do endodontists diagnose endodontics (root canal treatment)? 

Endodontics includes using sophisticated tools and an operating microscope to repair tissues inside the tooth.

Endodontists use a dental dam to isolate the affected area and protect the mouth from infection during the root canal procedure.

Also, they Access the pulp tissue from the back or top of the affected tooth.

Then remove the diseased or damaged pulp tissue.

Moreover, endodontists work on Cleaning and disinfection of the area inside the tooth, Filling and sealing a tooth.

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