Methods for dental burs sterilization

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Methods for dental burs sterilization

 As a dental student or professional dentist, you know how dental burs are necessary dental tools in the dentistry field. For that reason, we will demonstrate methods for dental burs sterilization to help your burs get the job done.


What are dental burs?

Dental burs are vital tools for dentists, who may need to purchase a large set of dental surgery burs. For that, you need to know how dental burs are sterilized and when signs of burs damage start.


Methods for dental burs sterilization


What are dental burs used for?

Dental burs are investing tools that are used in various dental surgeries and procedures. So, sterilization of dental burs is regularly needed as they are used for cutting, grinding, or removing soft and hard tissues.

Furthermore, you will find many dental bur types for different uses, like burs that can be reused, or single-used burs that need disposal after a single usage for oral treatment.

Simultaneously, the dental burs are attached to the rotary handpiece for different purposes. For example, diamond dental burs are used as friction-gripping tools thanks to their physical features.

These physical features form the hardest and sharpest dental diamond burs. Simultaneously, dental carbide burs are commonly used for oral cavity preparation, bone shaping, and metal filling cutting.


Methods for sterilizing diamond burs


When could you know that dental burs sterilization is needed?

It is necessary to understand that better burs mean a perfect bottom line. For that, Don't neglect the signs that show you unprofessional burs work.

Here are signs that indicate the need for sterilization of dental burs as they don't function well:

  1. The burs lack sharpness, particularly after a few uses and moderate use.
  2. Your dental hygiene routine takes more time.
  3. When patients complain about severe pain.
  4. If you notice that your dental bur instruments open the door for microbes due to the burnishing of the calculus surface.
  5. When removing calculus deposits proves difficult.
  6. You find yourself spending more time in a dental practice or with patients.

There are various dental burs types for different uses, so you should determine which dental burs can help you in your dental practice.


Methods for sterilizing carbide burs

How can you properly sterilize your dental burs?

Sterilization of the surgical dental burs is one of the most necessary steps that should be prioritized in your schedule, as unclean burs can cause cross-infection.


First, start by cleaning the burs

You need to primarily clean dental burs to ensure that there is nothing left in these dental burs before sterilization.


Regarding burs cleaning, we have two ways: 

Manual cleaning: first, we soak the dental burs in an enzymatic cleaner to remove debris. If debris remains after the burs soaking, try brushing the remaining impurities, then rinsing the dental burs and drying them with an absorbent towel.

Ultrasonic cleaning: diamond and carbide burs are better to clean in an ultrasonic machine; you can keep them in bur holders till the ultrasonic machine cleaning.

After that, you can add dental burs in the enzymatic cleaner for 10 minutes in the cycle, then wash them with cold water. You will find manufacturer instructions for cleaning and operating this method.

Sterilization: once the cleaning process is complete, sterilize your dental burs by a dynamic air removal sterilization cycle at 132 C for at least five minutes.

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You need to practice every cleaning and sterilizing procedure for your dental burs.

Remember that the key to successful cleaning and sterilization is following the instructions of professionals and equipment manufacturers.

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